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Trust .Knowledge .Experience.

We do extensive Due Diligence(DD) and chart analysis to help determine our picks while keeping up to date with the hottest forums such as Reddit so that we are never behind on which sectors/stocks are hot in the market. Therefore we will rarely, if ever, miss the next GME, AMC, GNUS rocket squeeze. 





                                   $Moved up$


  3 Buys /Sells Alerts


 Symbol                            TSLA

  Exchange                     Nasdaq

   1st-Alert Price                 $635

 L-Exit Price                    $770

        Holding days     Short Term      




                               $Moved up$


  8 Buys /Sells Alerts


Symbol                             GME

  Exchange                          NYSE

 Entry Price                         $36

Exit Price                         $275

     Holding days         Short term





                                   $Moved up$


  3 Buys /Sells Alerts


 Symbol                             AMC

   Exchange                         NYSE

1st-Alert Price                 $6

    L-Exit Price                 $62.50

         Holding days     Short Term      



                                    $Moved up$


1 Buys /Sells Alerts


   Symbol                     CCIV(Lcid)

Exchange                      Nasdaq

 1st-Alert Price                    $26

L-Exit Price                  $57.50

 Holding days        Short Term




                                  $Moved up$


  2 Buys /Sells Alerts


Symbol                            GNUS

Exchange                     Nasdaq

1st-Alert Price              $.70

L-Exit Price                   $6.30

   Holding days        Short Term




                                  $Moved up$


  4 Buys /Sells Alerts


Symbol                            BPTH

Exchange                     Nasdaq

1st-Alert Price              $3.45

L-Exit Price                        $55

   Holding days        Short Term

Due Diligence

Trust. Knowledge. Experience.


Due Diligence (DD) can determine the difference between a huge profit or loss! WallStreetSTTA system includes hours of extensive and in-depth DD. Trust is earned, and we let your alerts do the talking.

Fundamentals Data

Trust. Knowledge. Experience.


WallStreetSTTA system also includes hours of extensive and in-depth fundamentals on the company itself. The chart below touches on some of what we research.

Technical Analysis

Trust. Knowledge. Experience.

The last and most important step to our system is on the stock price (PPS). Our technical analysis research gives us the confidence to project BUY OR STRONG BUY predictions.


We cater to both LONG TERM and SHORT TERM traders. Day traders tend to hold/swing their investment for a day or two and renter again on the pullbacks. While long-term traders will buy and hold for days weeks while riding out the volatility. Some of our plays are alerted more than once.

Put us to the test! try us  for  3 days   and if we don’t deliver, cancel anytime!


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You cannot simply wish for success. You have to create it!. So lets us help guide you.