The Story


Name: Paul Smith



Based out of New York, WallstreetSTTA can be referred to as an intermediate or professional day trader with over 12+ years of experience.



I wanted to learn about trading stock in general but had no idea where to start, so I spent over $1000+ buying trading information which did nothing but added to my confusion(wasted money). I met my mentor back in 2007, a wall street guru with an appetite for fast pace trading. After my mentor taught me a few basics about trading, I jumped straight into the market, trading .0001 penny stocks that everyone was playing. The first penny stock I traded was CXAC which I bought at .0001, and it ran to .0011, which was pure luck. I purchased, not knowing deals were going on behind the scene of the company. A week later, it popped, and I made a $30,000 profit. Embolden by my first ever trade, I lost 14K of that money back the same week to the market due to inexperience but learned some valuable lessons from that loss. Over the years, I traded part-time while learning from my mentor and doing hours/days /weeks/months of additional research to help improve and hone my strategies gaining experience through trial and error. Finally, I started to become consistently profitable and decided to create WallStreetSTTA Trading.


With over 12 years of knowledge and experience, we aim to see traders win and provide for their families or finance their lifestyles.

We strive to give you the right tools to be consistent and not have grand delusions of becoming a millionaire overnight. With our guidance and like-minded traders in our forum, you will get all the tools needed to start making steady, consistent profits daily.


We get asked many questions on various day trading topics, so I decided to start WallstreetSTTA Trading to help. Some may already know how to day trade. Others might be new to trading. So the goal is to filter out the noise or rather not bombard you with tons of unnecessary information but just the necessary tools to get you profitable, so I am confident you will save time and money with us.


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